How to Preserve Your Rare Fabric Handbags

You’ve spent hundreds on a handbag you adore. It is a fashion accessory investment that will last for years with the right care. However, some fabrics need more attention and upkeep than others. Today, we show you how to protect your fabric handbags that are made with fur, quilted felt, brocade, velvet, and shearling. Make sure to stop by the shop for the newest handbags and purses!

Fur Handbags

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For the handbags that feature furs like mink or fox it is best to have a soiled one cleaned by a professional fur cleaner. However, in a pinch, you can tidy things up safely with a product like [easyazon_link identifier=”B00TAIVYDA” locale=”US” tag=”jfaction-20″]Lana’s Fur Cleaning Kit[/easyazon_link]. It can be purchased online through Amazon or any number of specialty retailers. It is an all natural solution with complete instructions on how to preserve your fur handbag, keeping it fresh and clean for years to come.

Quilted Felt

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Felt is naturally water and dirt repellant. However, if it becomes soiled, use lukewarm water with a bit of gentle baby shampoo. The key is to be quick and use a gentle dabbing application rather than abrasive rubbing that will tear the fibers. Blot well to remove as much moisture as possible. Allow to air dry or use a cool hair dryer on a low-velocity setting. Sunlight will cause fibers to degrade, and any heat will cause shrinkage. A bit of steam will help quilted felt spring back into shape once the handbag has completely dried from cleaning.


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Created with a weaving method that often includes silk fibers, avoid warm or hot water that can cause shrinkage. Use cool water and a mild detergent, such as Woolite, which can be found at any grocery store and home goods retailer. Do not use a vigorous scrubbing method. Instead, dab a bit of the mixture to moisten the soiled area thoroughly. Then blot with heavy pressure using a dry towel. Next, apply just cold water and blot, in the same manner, to thoroughly dilute any residual detergent. To eliminate the outline of a water stain use a hair dryer on a cool setting or place in front of a fan until completely dry.


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Steam, dry cloth, and a soft bristle baby brush or toothbrush are basically all you need to clean velvet. So load up your iron with water, turn the heat setting up as high as it will go and set it for full steam. Arm yourself with the iron in one hand and a dry cloth in the other. Don’t apply the iron directly to the fabric. Hover it closely over the soiled area and let the steam moisten the area. Then blot with the dry cloth. To prevent it from drying into stiff peaks, gently brush the velvet with a soft bristled brush.


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The queen of domestic clean, Martha Stewart, reminds us not to use cleaners that are enzymatic digesters. Because shearling is wool based, it is a protein that can be destroyed by such cleansers. Instead use a cleaner specifically for wool and cashmere. The Laundress has one available in a convenient spray. If you have a protective laundry bag, a shearling bag can go in the washing machine on a gentle cycle using [easyazon_link identifier=”B000OR5P5Y” locale=”US” tag=”jfaction-20″]The Laundress Wool and Cashmere Shampoo[/easyazon_link]. When the wash cycle is finished, lay flat and allow to dry completely. To fluff and freshen after drying, use steam from your iron and your shearling bag is ready to go.

For more tips on preserving your personal collection of handbags, come back for future posts. Whatever is going on with beautiful fabric handbag, you will read about it here.

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