Michael Kors Crossbody Purse

Crossbody Purses‘ roots are deeply entrenched in practicality. Going back to the days of the Pony Express, when the best saddlebags were those that let couriers ride without fear of losing mail or goods no matter how rough their journey. Similarly, the modern messenger bag was conceived just after WWII by Frank De Martini, when he built bags that were sturdy and functional for utility companies in New York City.

And today? Today, modern fashion is still reaping the rewards of the bag’s invention. There are a plethora of designers offering crossbody options, but there are none that offer such a distinct marriage of usability and aesthetic appeal as Michael Kors.

He has noted what sets his bags apart from the rest, “People want luxury and quality but not something so precious that they will only ever use it on special occasions.”

For both the saddlebag and the messenger bag the original design was the result of a need for a bag that worked as hard as it’s carrier. While they will always point to their roots of practicality, modern bags have been given fresh faces with even smarter designs and stylish appeal.

Bags that channel the past. Michael Kors has taken the concept of old functionality and has breathed new life into it.

His saddlebags elevate and refresh the tried and true classic. The Brooklyn Saddlebag is an example of a bag that pays tribute to its equestrian roots without seeming dated or tired.

Similarly, messenger bags feature larger options, again with a sense of comfort and usability. In Michael Kors’ words, the Raven Messenger is “boho-chic sensibility”. Instead of blue-collar jobs this bag conjures up images of the individual who has her sense of style and self all figured out.

While most of us aren’t delivering mail from a sturdy stead, the brand still has options that revolve around ease of use. Case in point: the Brooklyn Suede Camera Bag. It’s got a job to do alright, but the studded styling, guitar-inspired strap, and streamlined build are a bonus. A really awesome bonus.

Bags for the new goal digger. The crossbody bag features an old-school essence handed down by those who had a job to do. Today, Michael Kors’ collection goes far beyond just usability to give options that are fresh, fun, and memorable.

Options like the Vivian Crossbody with a woven leather design and compact build; it has the word chic written all over it. This bag has personality and functionality doled out in equal proportions.

Similarly, the Mia Crocodile will make it clear to everyone around you that you mean serious business. Handcrafted in Italy from Nile Crocodile it is the definition of fierce.

The collection also features bags that have more personality than that awful blind date you went on last weekend.

Need convincing? The Analise Messenger is Emily Post meets Queen Elizabeth for brunch. It’s just about as charming as a bag can get, which is something we can all toast our mimosas to!

The Miranda Mink will have even the most fashion-challenged doing a double-take. In the words of Michael, “I wanted the handbags to have personality and be an exclamation point to the season.”

If you know how to party and want to look classy while you’re at it the metallic gloss of the Jet Set Travel Crossbody is the perfect sidekick. Whether attending a formal affair like a wedding or something a little more spirited like the city’s nightlife, it’ll be your go-to to have a good time.

While not an all-encompassing list of the collection by any means, the bags mentioned above do provide an overview of the type of variety that Michael Kors offers in crossbodies. The styling is clearly very adaptable, but one thing remains true, and that’s that the crossbody bag is a winning pick if you have better things to do with your hands.

Whether your shopping for the season’s latest trends, taking photographs of your favorite places or holding hands with your lover, the crossbody won’t get in your way. And if you happen to be sporting a Michael Kors, you can rest assured that it’ll be just as unique as you are, thus elevating your look while you’re free to do what you want.

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